Private Lessons
Private instruction is the fastest and most thorough approach to learn how to dance.
At Fullerton Dancesport Center we offer lessons for individuals or couples in Ballroom and Latin dancing.

In a private lesson you learn the step patterns with a greater emphasis on technique (the aspect of dance
that makes you look good while dancing). Whether you’re looking to social dance, preparing for an upcoming
wedding, performing in one of our dance showcases, or entering into the world of competitive dancing
Fullerton Dancesport Center has a program for you.

While we are available for same day appointments, it is easiest to schedule a lesson at least a week in advance
to insure you get the time that best fits your schedule. Many of our regular students book a standing appointment to guarantee that their lesson occurs at their favorite time each week. Call us today to inquire about pricing, and schedule a lesson. Gift certificates are available.