Group Classes
Every month we offer a variety of ballroom and latin dance classes for beginning (bronze), intermediate (silver), and advanced (gold) level dancers. These classes are taught to a group of students (as opposed to one on one private instruction) where, typically, you learn the fundamental figures of a specific dance as well as a routine that you can utilize socially. There is no appointment or pre-registration required for any of our group classes, simply come in a few minutes beforehand and sign in at the reception counter. At Fullerton Dancesport Center you can pay each time you attend, or receive a discount with the purchase of our activity card, which is also good for our Zumba Fitness classes. Whether you’re looking for an easy introduction to a new dance, to practice the steps you’ve learned in your private lesson, or to get out of the gym for some fun and exercise then the group classes at Fullerton Dancesport Center are for you. Check out our monthly calendar for a list and schedule of all our classes.